Monday, March 14, 2011

Holiday Love Contest with Dianbizzcorner

Tarikh Tutup: 31 Mac 2011

Contest Task:

Post an entry with the banner. In your entry, tell me about your dream Holiday not more than 10 words, with a candid picture of your pass holiday with family or loved one.

"My Dream Holiday"

Krabi pilihan kami suami isteri menghilangkan stress, memupuk kasih sayang ;p

Candid pic with hubby.  

Pic ni diambil masa bercuti ke Bali tahun lepas. Pengalaman pertama bercuti bersama-sama selepas selamat bergelar suami isteri. Masa ni kami singgah di Turtle Island selepas buat aktiviti 'water sport'. Sempat la pegang-pegang penyu. Tengok muka masing-masing..excitedddd... hehehehe...

2nd and 3rd prize winners will win themselves a Bag organizer sponsored by Just's shoppe. 

The Grand Prize is a stay in 2 Room Apartment for 3D2N stay at A- Famosa Resort.

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